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Thursday, December 6, 2012

Twelve-Year Old Girl Marries !9-Year Boyfriend

Malaysian activists have slammed the marriage of 12 year old girl to 19- year old boyfriend, renewing their calls to government to outlaw child marriages. Nur Fazila Saad and Fahmi Alias married last week in northern Kedya state, after her father agreed to the union and an Islamic court granted permission, Daily Star reported. " It is better for them to get married rather than doing something improper" SaadMustafa, the girl's father said. But, Ratna Usman executive director of activist group Sisters In Islam described the young cople marriage as "shocking". " I do not understand why this is allowed in a country like Malaysia, we are taslking about a developed cointry, she told AFP, the concern is this is a child being married off, no parent should do this".

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