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Thursday, December 20, 2012

Polio Vaccine Given To Kids In Pakistan Causes Polio Disease Itself

Reports of polio vaccine causing paralysis in kids have been around for years, especially from Africa and India. The most alarming news came from Africa in 2007, where an outbreak of polio in Nigeria was traced to the same vaccine given to the Nigerian kids as a part of WHO anti-polio vaccination compaign. The New York Times story mentioned a number of cases in various countries, including the highly contagious nature of the disease which even caused partial paralysis in the American woman who changed the diaper of her baby vaccinated for polio. More recently reports of VAAP caused by the polio vaccine refer to the Polio Global Eradication Initiative's own statistics, informing that only in India that up to 180 children vaccinated for polio fall prey VAAP each year. This stands at a hair-raising incidence 3 to 5 times higher than the polio caused by wild polio virus. The medicine seems deadlier than the disease itself. In oter words, medicine is the disease. In Pakistan threat of polio vaccine is not going entirely unreported, lat month Anthony reveale in his article published in Natural Society that close to 80 $ of the cases of polio have been reported among the children who had been vaccinatd for polio. This is a shockingly high figure of 138 polio cases, 108 were those vaccinated for polio. And these are the cases reported and are on the record. Many cases in countrires like Pakistan and India go unreported or not daignosed, espeically in lower class of the people. Information available on the topic reveals that the oral vaccine used in the polio vaccination compaign is the the most dangerous agent causing VAAP. The oral drops carry a weakened buit not dead, version of the polio virus. This weakened version of virus can get strong again any time after vaccination and cause paralysis and even death in children. This is why USA banned oral vaccination in the country in 2000 and allows vaccination only via injection. But, in the developing countrires like Pakistan and India we are using oral drops for vaccination. Why we have double health standard and why the slave rulers of USA do not care for the health of the children, the furure of the nation. The oral vaccine puts the kids to life- threatening risks by the vaccine itself. Many people are expressing concerns over the oral vaccination for polio, but media is not keeping the people informed about the statistics and scietific causes of the disease by oral doses. Though earlier some religious scolars had propaganda that WEst is sterilizing the Muslim kids (to check their high birth rate), but people did not believe. Media muist inform the masses about negative effects of oral vasccine on scietific basis. WHO and partner organizations will lose projects of huge money if these vaccines are banned in the developing countries. Are media people in Pakistan and other developing countries getting the share from WHO? Pakistani government has slogan of "Polio free country" Polio eradication ambassadors has been appointed but in vain, illiterate governments would never tell the truth to masses like in India and Pakistan about the facts. However, killing the women included in the polio vasccination compaign teams is not is not a humanatarian acts. It must be condemned. How, Muslims dare to kill women while it used to be unimaginable to raise hand even on women in Pakistan what to speaking of shooting women. How the values vhanged in our society.

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