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Saturday, December 1, 2012

Egyptian Parliameny Approved Draft Of New Constitution

The Egyptian parliament has approved the draft of new constitution and now it will be sent to president Muhammad Mursi for endorsement. Parliament in a long session continued till the Friday morning discussed the draft in detail and voted article-wise on all the 234 articles and approved it. If president Mursi approves it then a general refrendunm will be held on it. Egyptian parliament had started voting on the newly prepared constitution from Thursday evening. The base of the constitution is Sharia. ERarlier the legislative court had said that it will give its verdict on Sunday whether to dissolve asssembly or not. Liberals, leftists and Christiam members of the assembly have bouycotted the session saying that Islamists want to impose their isealogy of Islam in Egypt. According to government Tv the Christianity and Jewism will be the bases for Chritians and Jews. A new article has also been included in the draft of the constitution to seek the guidance of Jamia Al Azhar in religous matters will be necessary.

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