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Wednesday, December 5, 2012

A Conspiracy Against The Kalabagh Dam And Prosperity Of Pakistan

The selfish politicians have not exempted Kalabagh dam yet, whenever, its construction process is refreshed they start crticising along with the Indian lobby in Pakista. As this dam guarantees the properity of Pakistan, India never likes the Kalabagh Dam so oppose its representatives. Now the verdict of Lahore High Court has come in which federal government has been directed to start its construction but critics have awakened and are strongly opposing it. Shums Ul Mulk, who has been the chairman of WAPDA and provincial minister of KPK maintains his strict stance on Kalabagh Dam. He is an authority on this issue. He strongly favors its construction for the interest of Pakistan and his own province KPK. Being an authority on Kalabagh, he was once called by Abdul Wali Khan that being a Pathan (Pakhtoon), why was he pleading for Kalabagh. He (Shams_ replied that the dam was utmost important for his provice therefore he favored it. He favors on the basis of solid reasons nit on the passions that due to non construction of the dam Pakistan has received loss of billions of dollars. He further said if its cponstrction is further delayed our fertile lands will become barren and the country will sink into sea of darkness. Industrial wheel will get jammed on which our future generation will never forgive us. He said the stance of ANP (Awami National Party) and of others opposed to dam about the drowning of Charsadda and Nowshera and Swabi were not true. He said these districts were 150 kilometers away from the dam site and there was no no risk for them. Shamsul Mulk said that Khyber Pakhtoon Khaw had the majot loser and those opposing the dam were the enemies of Pakhtoons. With the Kalabagh dam the 0.8 million unirrigated lands of southern districts will get water and produce so much yiels that our country will be prosperous. He said to the supporters of small dams that if 750 smaller dams were constructed those will not equal to one Kalabagh dam. Shansul Mulk said said so far the floods in the barani areas(Arid) was concerned these can be controlled by making Munda dam in Swat and on river in Chitral. He said China had 20, 000, USA 5,00 and India has 4,000 dams and neither there was any opposinion of dams nor dams were damaging anything. Shansul Mulk said with the decision of the court he was happy and he felt double happiness being a Pakhtoon. The so-called nationalists were responsible for loss the nation is receiving due to delaying of Kalabagh Dam.

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