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Tuesday, December 18, 2012

Facebook's New Privacy Settings

Facebook is going to launch a new setting through which users will have more control on his material. All these include privacy short cuts, the easy means through which setting could easily be changed, and would these look like on the page as well how to remove tags from the pictures. Facebook spokeperson said all these would be done for the ease of the users that they would be able to use different facilities/options on the facebook. The observers say that this is done to make the use of facebook easier for the users and is a process of making the things on facebook in order, Then Facebook will launch its serch engine. Here are the three basic new points of the changes. *-- A new icon has been made through privacy short cuts that will be visible in tool bar and carry three questions for the users to which they can have access through any website or link/page. THe questions asked will be; who can see my material( photos, videos, comments and all other information that could be seen on facebook). Who can contact me and how can I avoid/stop the teasders. *-- In the Facebook product education the usders will be told that where their material could be seen, in this users will be reminded that no doubt, some material would not be visible on our timeline but it is possible that may be visible as newsfeed on information page or any other place as a result of search. *-- In the request and removal tool i.e that button or tab where user can remove his/her name or tag from the picture by selecting several items, simultaneously. Other changes incude a bitton for user's permission for viewing others applications and activities and your published material on one place. Iren Aegan from Facebook msaid all these changes will be implemented during the current month and more than one billion users will be informed, accordingly. A new feature of adding search engine "Seaarch Me" would be the prominent one, about which the founder of the Facebook Mark Zujer Berg had hinted in a conference in September. The observers say all these changes may be a step towards that. Mark little of a reseasrch firm Ovoom said that it will be a better process regarding privacy setting of the users and they will decide with whom they want to share information with whom not to. More than half a million users had voted for the changes. Though this number is not enough as comparee to total number of users and one week time was aslso not enough for the voting, because many users do not open facebook for several weeks due to their other activities..

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