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Wednesday, December 12, 2012

Hotels Around Faisalabad"s Bus Terminal Have Changed Into Pros Dens

Bus terminal and hotels of Shoib Bilal market situated within the limits of Police station civil lines have become the prostitution dens. These unethecal activities are being carried out under the cover of bus stand police and the officials of the police station. The professional women talk in loud voice dirty languages and invite young men and other people for deal, openly. Some beautiful female beggers are also involved in this nasty business. With all this this surrounding represent a scence of "Bazaar e Husn" ( Prostitution market). Some of the hotels have no arrangement for foods but they charge Rs 300- 500 from a couple for a room to stay overniht. If, customer does pay the pros full money deal, she calls police or bus stand's owners through mobile and then they make the deal beteen the woman and customer charging their own commission as they are the quardians of the prostittes. People of the area are annoyed and have compained several times to the higher authorities but in vain.

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