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Sunday, December 16, 2012

Uk Ministers Rejected Automatic Blockage Of Internet Porns

Uk ministers have rejected polans to block automatic access to internet pornigtaphy on all computers, saying that move is not widely supported. A public consultation found 36 % of the parents wanted an automatic bar while 15 % wanted some content filtered and option to block others. But the government says the internet providers should encourage parents to switch on paretal control. Claore Perry MP who led the compaign, said she was 'disappointed'. There were more than 3,500 responses to the ten-week consultation, which included those from the public, academics, charities and communication firms as well as 757 parents. Responses were asked to answer 'yes ' or 'no or 'may be' to three separate questions about internet providers (ISP) could play their role in limiting access. An automatic block would mean users would have to actively request pornographic content was made available by their ISP. Government reports say that there is also risk from 'over-blocking' preventing access to websites which provide useful information on sexual health or sexual identity.

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