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Tuesday, December 25, 2012

Arab Super Models Are Changing The Arab World

Fasion models belonging to the Arab world are highlighting their names in the world fasion industry and they have neutralized the image Arab womenbeing basckward and fundamentalists. Hind Sahli (second picture) from Morroco is in the modelling profession for the last several years. She has worked with Mark Jackanz, Ganzoo and Vera Wang the world class designers. Hind said that fasion world like new faces and Arab Culture and uniqueness of Arab customs are influencing the fasion world. Hind says that her entrance into the modelling world had mixed reaction from our society but most of our people hasd positive reactions. She said many girls send messages on Facebook and ask how did i start the profession and how did I reach to the present sttus. This is not only the Hind that is famous in modelling from the Arab world bit Hanna Bin Abdul Salam is also a successful model from Tinisia. She recently signed an important agreement of the modelling world with well known cosmatics company "Lycom" Shaista Gohar of Muslim Women Network said that these models can change the image of the Arab women in the world. Shaista aid this impact of traditional thinking of Arab women is spread by the mmedia that present Muslim women behind the veils and voiceless. But, if one looks at the list of 100 influential women of the Arab world that is issued every year, one can know that actually what the Arab women are. Hind said she is practicing Musdlimaand regularly offers prayers. Her mother wears veil. Her parents are practicing Muslims too. Loresha Roberts of WGSN, an organization that forecasts about fasion says the reason of Arab models is also money because Middle East Asia iswalthy and designers and new brands leads to the place where wealth is in abundance and that is in the Middle East and Persian Gulf States.

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