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Saturday, December 22, 2012

Altaf Hussain's British Nationality May Be Cancelled, If He Is Sentenced In Contempt Of Court Case

The leader of MQM Altaf Hussain's British citizenship is stake, if he does not present himself personally to the supreme court or if he is sentenced in the conpemt of court case. Court would not accept his written or through concil opology. An agreement 'Mutual Cooperation' was signed between the courts of Pakistan and England in 2003 under which the children kidnapping issue was tried to be solveed. The need for the agreement was reaslized when it was observed that some people proceed to otjer copuntries to avoid the court limits of their home countries. Supreme court of Pakistan has issued a notice to Pakistani British Altaf Hussain to present himself in the court regrding conpempt case. But MQM has decided that Altaf Hussain will not present himself personally to the court. Senior lawyer Sighat Ullah said there is limit for freedom of opinion but in the case of contempt of court the government of Britain can cancell the nationality of a person who is not born in Britain. The lawyer said in Britain cvonpempt of court is taken a serious crime like a murder and government of Britain takes very notice of the the contempt that has been done from its soil. Altaf Hussain either will have to face the court of Pakistan or face te challenge to his Britain's nationality

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