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Thursday, December 27, 2012

Sri Lanka Tops For 'Sex' Searches On Google

Not many people will dobt that the most vastly searched term on google is 'sex' and Sri Lankans are topping for googling this term. This is according to google trends, a public web facility that shows how often a particular search-term is entered relative to the total search volume across the different regions of the world, and in various languages. Second-placed India is not far behind in search for the word and on # 3 is Papua New Guinnea, No 4 is Ethopia and and Pakistan is on # 5 (Pakistan would have been topping the list but due to blackage by PTCL of the sex/porn sites, it is No 5), among the countries that googled for 'sex' in 2012. According to google trends, the term peaked in Sri Lanka during the week April 15-21, 2012, even as the partial data for the week (December 22-29) shows it as a highest second week during 2012. In India people most googled for the term during November 23-29, while the week October 21-27, 2012 was not far behind. When it comes down to breaking down the data by cities, India's Bangalore tops for serching the term in 2012. In fact, the top 5 slots are all filled by Indian cities. Bangalore is followed by Chennai, Pune, New Delhi and Caocutta, in the order. This is a worldwide list , not the Indian cities. Pakistan's Lahore is at # 6 while Chandigarh and Bombay are again Indian cities, followed bu Thanh Pho Ho Chi Minh and Hanoi botyh in Vietnam. The top 10 nations searching for the term'sex' on google are:- Sri Lanka, India, Papua New Guinnea, Ethopia (where people are dying from hunger), Pakistan, Bangladesh, Vietnam, Nepal, Somalia and Combodia. Astonshingly, all are poor and backward countries. The top ten terms used for searching are:- Free sex, sex video, sex videos, porn sex, porn, indian sex, hot sex, sex tube, sex stories and sex girls. The names of top 10 cities of the world are already given above who have been searching google for the term sex. (Courtsy Google Trend)

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