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Monday, December 17, 2012

The Secret Profiles Of The Officials Of Belgian Secret Agency On Social Websites

Different TV channels and a famous newspaper 'De Standaard' published in Brusels , capital of Begium have revealed that several secret agents of Belgian secret agency have opened their accounts on 'Facebook' and 'Limkedin' with original personal details in their profiles. That has put a sign of interogation on the secrecy system of the secret agency. Workin within and outside the country the 'Belgian State Security Agency' has shown great concern over the revelation of the the secret identity of their secret agents.It said if it is so then it is a major security gap. It said that the possibilty of doing so by some hacker group can not be ruled out, However, it said that the presence of the personal details anmd their contacts on social websites can be considered a threat from our enemies. It is noteworthy, that Belgian Security agency is not the first and the only secret organization whose officials have given personal identity and working details on the internet but, there are details and profiles of 200 such personnels on Linked In who pose them the agents of CIA. Among these include from chef to analysts. Similarly, several people from France who have indicatd them working for 'Director General External Security for France' after giving their names, languages, academic qualifications, addresses, and marital status in their profiles on internet. Similar situastion prevails in Germany where 142 persons have exposed them posing as performing secret services for " German Federal Intelligence Service" throgh GPS on social network "Foursquare" on smart phone. However, Belgian government has realized the sensitivity and seriousness of the issue and carelessness of the Belgian State Security Agency, is thinking to present the matter to the ' Intelligence and Security Committee" of the parliament.

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