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Sunday, December 2, 2012

Flexible Mobile Phones Will Be Marketted Next Year

Different renowned Moble manufacturing companies like Nokia, Samsung, LG, Sharp and Sony are working to bring flexible mobile phones in the market next year. You can fold the mobile like a paper, if it fells or or crushed by your foot would be damaged. The specimen of flexible mobiles have already been on the display in different gadget display shows and attracted the attention of the people. It is expected that the first flexible mobile may be marketted by the South Korean company Samsung. Samsung is in favor of flexible OLED technology in the Smartphones and it is confident that these mobiles will be popular among the users in the world. The spokeperson of the Samsung company said its screen will not only be foldable and beter as compared to traditional LCD but will be thinner, lighter and flexible. There are technologies available that can make the smartphones flexible but the idea behind the technology is to make the electronic equipments more useful. In the decade of 1960 a flexible solar cell was presented and in 2005 Phillips company came forward with flexible "Display" for the first time. It is necessary that all the parts of the product must be flexible to produce appliance flexible, like outer cover and the battery, in addition to display. Professor Andria Farraree of the Cambridge University is working on the future displays and for this he was using graphine. This substance was made in 2004 for the first time by two Russian scientists working in Manchester University. Graphine is a sheet cosisting of one carbon atom and being stronger than diamond is extremely flexible, lighter and transparent. Reseasrcher say thast graphine and silicone could bring revolutionay changes in the future elctronic equipments. Farraree working for Nokia said that they were working on transparent and flexible display that could make the the part of future flexible phones, TV's, tablets and solar cells. He said that that Samsung was aheasd in this regard but he said they did some good work on prototype of Nokia. Whatever the technogy is used, but it seems you will be having flexible mobiles in your hand soon.

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