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Sunday, December 23, 2012

Counting Of Votes In Progress After The Second Round Of Voting In Refrendum In Egypt

The counting of votes continues after the completion of second round of voting in refrendum in Egypt. According to unofficial reports majority of the peple voted in favor of Dr Mersy's new constitution. Meanwhie vice president Mahmood Makki has resigned. He was apponited in August. He said that present political career did not suit his previous casreer as judge and he considered himself unfir for politics. However, some people say that that he was not taken in confidence about taking of more powers in hand by the president. And new constitution does not mention the office of the vice president. The opposition say the the polical is going to end with the refrendum. Government TV last night announced that governor state bankhad also resigned but a minister rejected the report. Duringt the last month 7 close aides of president have resigned.

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