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Thursday, December 27, 2012

Clash With Annie Is On Abortion Of Pregnancy---Naureed Awan

The husband of Pakistan- born British pop singer Annie Khalid said that clashes between Annie and him were on the abortion, Annie and her father Dr Khalid are killer of my baby. I still love Annie. When she used to come to Pakistan I provided her with bullet proff car and security guards. If she comes home back I will forgive her. This he disclosed in a press conference. The differences between Annie and me are mainly created by the censor. He said that Annie stayed with him in his home for four months bedore marriage, if I were bad person, she would have never married me. Naureed said this second time that she has left home. When she left home in October she returned back after two weeks. Now she left home on November 29, and has taken 10 million rupee cash and jewellary worth 40 million rupeees with her. Annie's husband said we had clash only oin Annie's aboting the pregnancy and this was done with the consent of her father. But I never committed any violence on her. Her father demanded a car from me when I did not buy for him, he became against me. Though I have given 0.1 million dollar to Annie's brother for business. I bought three rupees shoe and 5 million bag for Annie. If she she returns home I will forgive her , however if she demands divorce then she will have to return my money.

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