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Friday, December 21, 2012

Kim Was Dumped After She Lied About Infamous Tape- Nick

Kim Kardashian's infamous tape not only saw her showbiz career launch but also got her dumped by her ex-boyfriend Nick Cannon. Kim went on denial mode about her sex tape. Now Nick Cannon has revealed that he dumped Kim Kardashian after she lied to him about the existence of her now-infamous sex tape. Nick did grace Kim calling her ' one of the nicest people you will ever meet' but explained he could not forgive her about the denial of the tape existed. The radio presenter is now happily married to Mariah Carey, briefly dated Kim from SDeptember 2006 to January 2007. Kim made this tape while with then-boyfriend Ray J in 2003. Its release brough her to a wide audience and directly led to her now- lucrative reality star career. Nick revealed that he had always suspected that Kim might have had to do something with the tape's release. While Kim has always claimed that she was 'devasted' by the release of the tape. It certainly made her a star. However, it seems unlikely Kim will be at all concerned about breaking up with Nick. Since their breaking up she has gone on to become one of the America's biggest reality stars. Cureently Kim is in the middle of a messy divorce with her second husband Kris Humphries. Even if the divorse is still going on, Kim is happily dating Kenye West. Her other ex boy frinds include Gabeeil Lubrey and Nick Lachey.

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