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Friday, December 21, 2012

Fear And Harrassment Of End Of THe World

Superstitious people from the USA to China are in harrassment due to the fear of the end of the world. In Serbia people have climbed the mountains. In China 1000 people have been arrested om spreading the speculations and rumors about the world's end. In Russia people have taken shelter in the bunkers made during cold war. In South American country Guatamala, people are ready to receive the "last day" of the world through different ways. In France the people of a village has planned for mass suicide, the village has been encirled by the police and security forces. In Mexico, the people interested in Mayan cinilization have visited the remains of Chechen Iza and and Mexican authorities expect that 0.1 million people will be visiting the old monuments on December 21. In the USA and Britain special arrangements have been made to deal with any unpleasant situation due fear and harrassment among the people. In Britan administration has issued directions for safety of the people. According to Maya civilization December 21, 2012 will be the end of the world. Five thousand one hunderd and twenty -five years calender of Maya civilization has ended on December 21,2012 and there is no December 22nd date. Meanwhile, crack down was conducted against a Chritain organization in 9 provinces of China who were spreading the rumors of end of the world and thousand of its members have been arrested and pamphlets and cards regarding the end of world have been comfiscated. An Christain organization named "Almight God" founded in 1990 in China said that from today the world will be in the grip of darkness for 3 days( So 22nd to 24th December will come and how the world ends on 21st) and then a female Christ will appear. After her appearance the Tsonami and earth quakes will shake the world. According to "Global Times" the organizatioin has appealed its members to topple the China's Communist Party. It also directed the female members to attract people with ytheir beauty.

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