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Sunday, December 16, 2012

Adam's Mother Taught Him How To Shoot

Adam Lanza, 20, was allegedly taught by his mom. Nancy Lanza how to shoot guns. Horrifically. he executed her and went on a shooting rampage at Newtown, Connecticut school on December 14, killing 26 people. Adam Lanza killed his mother Nancy Lanza, 52, in the home they share, stole her guns and then drove to Sandy Hook Elementary School, where he killed 26 people. Nancy, an avid gun collector, took her son Adam to a shooting range and taught him how to shoot before he massacred 26, innocent people. "Nancy said she would often go for target shooting with her kids" Dan Holms , owner of Landscapping firm Holms Fine Gardens told reuter. In fact she showed him once a "high-head-rifle" that she had purchased, 'she was very much proud of it' he told the New Yorker Daily News,' she loved her guns. Adam stole her guns, after killing her, including Clock, Sig Saucer two pistols and a 223 calibre rifle, before heasding towards school. Adam, 20 was a mild-mannered student in school, oftern making honor-rolls, his mom whom he lived with, loved playing dice games and decorating her home upstairs for the holidays with him. Students from his school say he was just a smart kid did not like talking to people much. This is of course, a great tragedy for the parents and for the Americans. But, they must think over that why their young generation is going to be terrorists. They usually kill the innocent kids in schools. America must think before chasing terrorists in other countriers. American mothers are rearing terrorists who one day will start killing the elites and cause will cause the collapse of American nation. American must peep into their own homes rther than looking to others all the time.

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