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Monday, December 24, 2012

Pakistani Scientist Has Been Appointed Advisor To UN Secretary General

Un Secretary General Ban Ki Mon has appointed a well known Pakistani scientist and a nuclear physicist Dr Parvez HoodBhoy as advisor for arms Disarmament for 3 years. It was stated in a statement issued by the UN secretraite in NMew York that Hoodbhoy will work as a member of 9 member advisory board of Ban Ki Mon for arms disarmament. In the advisory board members each from Jordan, Phillipines, Dmocratic Republic of Korea, Autralia, Ghana, Argentina, Switzerland and China, in addition to a member from Pakistan have been included. It has been furtyher stated in the statement that the 59th meeting of the board will be in in New York from February 27, 1013 to March 01, 2013. The meeting will be presided over by the present chairman of the board from Britain Desmond. In te statement it was said that the members have been selected on the basis of their personal capabilities, expertise, acheivements and experience in the specific fields. They would represent their countries but they will work in their personal capacities. The former professor in nucleasr physics Dr Parvez Hoodbhoy is among the renowned left wing intellectuals of Pakistan. He returned to Pakistan aftr getting his PhD in nuclear physics from foreign university in 1973 and had been teaching in the university since then.

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