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Saturday, December 15, 2012

The Weekly "Newsweek" Is Transferring From Print To Internet Edition

During the last few decades the mass communication sources have progressed a lot. New TV channels, newspapers and magazines are coming on the foreground to give latest news and information to the readers. But, how much impact the swify changes in the field of information technology would cause to the print media, when the readers will get latest information cheaper and quckly. Why then reader would wait for printed paper to come and he could read while, he would be able to know everything before newspapers reache to his hands. If all this happen then would not advertising companies prefer Internet for the ads than the magazines or papers. All these are question that mark sign of interogation on the future of print media. The publishers of print media got more worried when the famous weekly Newsweek announced to close its 80 year- old print version and tranfer the magazine on internet. It will issue its last edition on December 31, 2012. The major reason being the internet world proving the audience information every moment and the second reason is the statement of owner Berry of the magazine he gave about the expenses of the weekly that have reached to the tune of $ 42 million, annually. Newsweek had published so many stories that had impacts on the politics of te USA as well globally. Among them was the the romance scandal of prtrsident Bill Clinton and Monica Leunisky during the 90's decade. At present Newsweek is the second larger magazine after weekly the 'Times'. The Tina Brown, the editor-in-chief of the Newsweek and " The Dasily Best who is famous for giving new lives to the magazines like "The Great Britain" "Vanity Fair" and "New Yorker" failed to revive the magazine. During her tenure this magazine remained under criticism for its several controversial titles such as the photo of Lasdy Dianna wit Britain Princes Katherine Middleton, a picture that caused anger among World Muslim Community during the Arab Spring, and recently a caption of president Obama's photo that read " The First homosexual president of the USA" Still all these tactics could not minimize the $ 42 milin's expenses.

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