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Monday, December 3, 2012

Lindsay Lohan Drinking 2-Liters Vodka Per Day

Lindsay Lohan's rep says that she was not drinking too much before she was arrested for punching Tiffany Eva, but souces say something different. She has reprtedly been drinking for months according to insiders who talk about as much as two liters vodka per day. While that is practically impossible- a 1.75 liter handle of vodka will be equivalent 40-50 shots- there is no doubt that she is boozing hardcore. She is reportedly stressed by financial and legal woes. She was charged with four crimes in two states and just rteturned to alcihol for relief. According to sources even her friends have given up trying to help her, becuase when she is drunk, she tends to become in addition to stubborn. Sad, but believable ion the lihjt of recent events.

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