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Wednesday, December 12, 2012

Either Pay The Money Or Marry Me----Afghan Judge

A scret recoding of an Afghan judge has been revealed in which judge voice is heard saying to a woman who had her divorce case in his court, "if you can not pay the money then you will have to marry me." In an audio recoding Afghan judge Zahur Ud Din is demanding $2000 bribery along with proposing her to marry him. Though judge hass rejected the allegation andsaid that was only a joke but in 15 minutes recording he repeated his prtoposal of marriage for 15 times. Deva, who is a journalist in local radio station recorded judge's voice, in Jalalabad, regarding demand of money and marriage proposal. She presented this recording to BBC. Deva said when she arrived in court for case hearing Judge asked her to come to his home for getting help in the case. When she reached his home Judge demanded money, she said she then switched her recorder, hidden under her dress, on and recorded Judge's demands. Judge can be heard saying I will pay $ 2000 for you to another judge and if you marry me I will give you huge number of golden jewellary. Judge also said that he can threaten his husband to leave the town because of his his high official status. The family members of Deva have handed over this audio to supreme court. Anti-corruption department has decided to investigate the allegations against judge, Zahur ud Din.

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