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Thursday, December 6, 2012

Pakistan Comes On 139th Number In Global Corruption Index---TIP

According to the global corruption ranking report issued by Transparency International, Pakitsn is on 139th number on the list. The global Organization Transparency International that keeps an eye on the corruption trend in the world, has reported that there was a tough copetition between Denmark, Finland and New Zealand for first position regarding the Corruption Perception Index 2012. While, Afghanistan, North Korea and Somalia were the countries that ranked on the bottom in this Index. Transparency Internation in astatement on its website said that downward trend of Pakistan in the index index indicates that corruption has increased in the country. The chairman of Transparency International Pakistan, Mazhar Sohail advocate said that in rule of law index 2012, last month on November 28, Pakistan was the seventh most corrupt country among the 97 countries of the world. He said these figures indicate the rise in corruption in Pakistan and chairman NAB had also admitted that PKR 7 billion were digested daily through corruption in Pakistan. According to report survey was conducted in 176 countries and they were alloted marks from 0 to 100 in different categories. The countries obtaining 0 marks were the most corrupt ones while, those countriers securing 100 marks had no signs of corruption. Among the 170 countries , one-third countries got less than 50 marks indicating that corruption was on the rise in most of the countries. Report advised such countries to control the corruption in the government departments and accountability system must be tightened.

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