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Monday, December 24, 2012

Karachi-Girls Are Being Black-mailed By Their Boyfriends

A woman resident of Defence Karachi has lodged an application with the FIA (Cyber Crime circle) that her daughter who had Canadian nationality, highly educated and an employee in a foreign company had been black-mailed by a youngman for the last 2 years and had taken Rs 5 million up till now. It has been revealed in the report that there are groups of young boys who engage girls in their friendship take them to their places, rape them, shoot their pictures and then blackpmail them. The woman who has lodged the application said the man had some objectionable pictures of her daughter and threatens her to upload on internet for which her daughter has given him milion of rupees. She also said the man has uploaded some photos on the internet too. She said during the last two years my daughter had bought two cars for him and had given him valuable gifts but his demands were not going to end and were still increasing. His latest demand is another car and a flat to be given to him. She said whatever her daugter earns the man takes from her. Cyber crime branch of FIA has arrested the 30-year Amir Badar of Gulistan e Jauhar and got photos and video films of the girls. The accused also confessed that he and his friends engage rich girls in their friendship and then black mail them. This is not the only case in Karachi, it is happening in Lahore and Islamabad and all other big cities of Pakistan. This is the result of new culture of friendship that girls have to face the consequences.

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