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Friday, December 28, 2012

My Husband Threatens Me To Upload My Naked Photos On Internet-- Annie

Pop singer Annie Khalid said that my husband previously threatened me through phone calls and SMS's to kill me but now he threated on SMS to upload my private snaps on social media websites. She said she will not come under any pressure and she had sought help of Britain police. Singer Annie said that his husband was a mad, metally sick and a psycho case. He started beating me on the very first night of marriage. He kept on his beating and vilence practice even in Dubai. He did not know how to respect a wife. When any of my fan praised me he bacame jeolous and beated me at home. After beating he used to bring costly gifts but she used to say said she did not not need gifts but respect. About stealing of jewellary she said as wife that is her right, however, if under Sharia she could not keep them she would return every thing. She said I reported to Dubai police and he was going to be arrested but I forgave him and he was released. She said Scotland Yard had provided her full security. The father of Annie Dr Khalid said Naureed is a big fraud he has ruined my daughter's life. He has fake British passport and Interpole is searching him. Dr Khalid said Naureed had slosded his Dubai office and fled with billion od money of people. How could her daughter remain with him

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