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Wednesday, December 19, 2012

Picture That lost Its Original Identity--- My Stolen Face---Nida Sultani-1

The story of stolen face starts when a photo was shown all over the world by electronic media as of a woman who was killed. But Nida Sultani whose picture ws actually shown on TV's was alive. Nidas Sultani made efforts to remove the misunderstanding due to resembelences in name and face. The relatives of killed woman issued Nida Agha Sultan's original photograph but no one was going to accept. After some months of the incident when CNN telecasted Nida Sultani's picture with a report, she emailed to the CNN and requested to remove her photo from the report. She received a reply through a message fed in the automatic system that all the questions can not be answered personally. Below the message was written," CNN- A reliable name in the world of NEWS". Now, her own photo did not remain her own but was the property of CNN and other media groups. The resebmlence of face and the name is so deep that western media can not differentiate between the resemblinf names of Muslim. The first two pictires belong to Nida Agha Sultan, who was a graduate student of Azad Unversity Tehran, Iran. She was killed by a bullet coming from unknown place while she was coming from the university with her music teacher.Due to the non-funtioning of car air-conditioner they came ourt of car, and she was hit by firing. She died on the spot. The third and forth pohoto above are of Nida Sultani, who is alive and she had been working as english teacher in Azad University Tehran. Nida Agha Sultan was also the student of this university. It happened so that in Iran after 2009 elections, the opposition took to the streets allegating the riigging of polls. A woman was killed during those days, someone loaded its footage shot by moblie on internet and thus this was spread all over the world. Iranian Opposition alegedly blamed the the security forces for the killing thus, opposition got a "political mytyre" Initially the woman was identified as Nida, a student of Azad Uniersity in Tehran. When someone serched the name of Nida, he got access to Nida Sultani's's profile who had resemblence with the killed woman, he copie the photo from the profile and in the same way the photo was used in blogs and social networks. Then famous Tv news channels like CBS< CNN and BBC andseveral other channels srated using the picture of Nida Sultani as killed woman Nida Agha Sultan's. Similarly, newspapers and magazines also published tyhis picture.

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