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Wednesday, December 19, 2012

My Stolen Face--- Nida Sultani-2

On the morning of June 21, 2009, Nida Sultani was stunned to see the number of people on facebook who requested to be her friends. The number the people kept rising. She also received messages, emails and phone calls from her relatives and friends. Then she came to know that what is happening. Still then she though that some friend had joked with her. She started emailing to explain and clear her position. She emailed to Voice Of Ameriva (VOA) a popular broadcasting station and said that due misunderstanding her picture was used and as a proof she sent her another photo to compare with murdered woman's photo. She could not imagine what happened the other day. Voice Of America started reporting deceased Nida's story displaying her photo new onme). Similarly, other media groups folowed VOA. She removed her photo from Facebook profile to avoid copying it. Her this precautionay step agian went against her. People took her this step as a result of censorship actvity by the government. As a result hundreds of facebook pages were filled with her photos, blogers used her picture in their posts, and was sent by Twitter. She got afraid and nervous. Because, government may would have held her responsible for all this and misleading the people, thouh she tried her level best to clear it and remove the misunderstanding. She no more could stay in Iran. She left her country on July 02, 2009 for Turkey, without informing her family. At last, on July 03, 2009 BBC online described and wrote about Nida's wrongidentity in its column. At present 35-year Nida Sultani is in the USA on a fellowship. also rote the book about her lost identity with the name "My Stolen Face".

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