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Tuesday, December 18, 2012

India---The Darling Of Pakistani Leadership And Pakistani Indian Lobby Did Not Like Malik's Statement

India always acts like darling of Pakistani leadership whether it be the matter of trade, visa policy, cricket match orKashmir issue. It does not like any light criticism about any univertsal truth. It likes only the statement that fits to its policy of Kashmir the Atote ang (Unbreakable Part) of India or terrorism in Pakistan and from Pakistan to India, and forgets its involvement in terrorist activities through Afghanistan in Balochistan and Sindh and all parts of Pakistan. The recent styatement of Rahman Malik's about Hafiz Saeed are being criticized on large scale that has put to risk the cricket matches bewtween Pakistan and India, as Indian opposition leaders have demanded. Though, the cancellation of international cricket ICB in Pakistan was tyhe conspiracy of India. India is such an upper hand to Pakistan that it does not realize even that sports must be kept out of politics. Now our leadership will opologize through knee down on Malik's statement and will try its utmost to satisfy its darling (you can see in picture Malik has tied his hands to darling). Indian Foreign Minister Shateel Kumar has sdaid Malik's statement about Hafiz Saeed are wrong. Bharti Janta Party (BJP) had demanded the cancellation of cricket seriers to begun in the last week of December. BJP leader Yashont Senha went a step ahead said India should not talk to Pakistan and cricket series be cancelled. Other former president of BJP said that terrorism and cricket can not go side by side (means Pakistann is a terrorist country). Rahman Malik was in India to sign and inaugurate the new visa policy between the two countriers. He said Hafiz saeed was neither released by me nor by prime minister but court has released him. We accepted the verdict of Indian court about hanging of Ajmal Qasab so India must accept the verdict of our court. He said, Court had not relleased Saeed once but thrice, if India had some solid proofs against Hafiz Saeed it muist provide to Pakistan. What the India- lovers in Pakistan say about the harsh statements of their darling?

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