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Friday, December 14, 2012

Kidnapping Of Brides In Karghistan

The parliament of Karghistan want to make legislation fot inceasing the fine money to stop the kidnapping of brides. The parliament and civil society has been divided on the issue. The people favoring the bill say that kidnapping of brides is a tradition while the people opposed to it say it is a crime. It is noteworthy that ytadition of kidnapping of brides has been spreading on centuries. According to reports of Kaghistan's Ombudsman office , eight thousand girls are being kidnapped in the country for marriages. Zabela an activist for women welfare said that her sister Julian was kidnaped for marriage. She said if a man kidnaps a girl then she would have to marry him according to tradition,otherwise she will be considerted bad character in the society. Julian was kidnapped in the age of 19 years, she did not want to marry her present husband but according to the traditions she did so. After some time when she demanded divorce her husband attacked her with knife and wounded her for which he was sentenced to 19 years sentence. The girls kidnaped in Karghistan are taken to bed forcibly and rapped first night and then married. The female relatives in Julian husband family all the women were kidnapped. After spending some days with the kidnappers the girls agree to marry. otherwise they are not accepted inb the society and no one will agree to marry them. The organizations working for the welfare of the women have constuted a Union namely "115" that takes out processions against this crime and are active for the biill to make legislation for increasing sentence to men kidnapping gorls for marriages.

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