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Monday, December 17, 2012

The USA Warns Syria Against Using Chemical Weapons

Rebellions in Syria are getting successes and it seems that war is heading toward decisive stage. American government and other American officials have warned Syrian President Bashar ul Asad to avoid using using chemical weapons against the rebellions, otherwise he will have to face severe consequences. Situation is worening day by day and government iseven losing its grip in the suberben areas of the capital and is using aerial attacks against the warriors. Though Bash ru Asad wants to use chemical weapons but is hesitatingto do so, though it is not due to sympathy with the rebellions but is fear that if uses them, western power may interrupt in the battle. However, if Bashr ru Asad get certain of his defeast he will waste no time to do so. On other side, France, Britain and other Persian Gulf Stats have recognized the Suyrian coalition group, recently constituted in Doha, the capital of Qatar as The 'Only legal representative'. This group is backed by Western countries. Observers say that the promiment successes recently gotton by the rebellions against Asad government was due to the 'Alnusrat Front Malaysia' that is influenced by Al-Qaeda. According to one estimate the number of fighters of this group has rerached to 10,000 and they are playing a central role on different fronts. If the USA declares Alnusrat group as terrorist one then its allies specially i Gulf area will be discouraged and they will start to herlp them through other means. According to a recent report published in New York Times, it has been blamed that the weapons Qatar government had supplied to rebellions, with the approval of the USA, fighting against Qaddafi in Libya, have reached to the hands of the Al Nusrtat group.

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