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Sunday, December 22, 2013

Younger Politician Generation Of Top Politicans Maryam Nawaz And Bilawal Zardari

Maryam Nawaz and Bilawal zardari are the future of their party, their importance for getting the attention of youth is recognized. As is tradition of family politics in Pakistan, both the parties are bringing their new younger generation with new slogans to befool Pakistanis. Both have qualified from the standard world universities and both are active on micro blogging site Twitter. According to BBC the picture of Maryam on Twitter shows she is thinking some thing( may be about future of Pakistan or her own future). The analysts say Maryam, 40-yesr-old remains catious on twitter and tweets to the point, while Bilawal is said to be furious and controvertial. Bilawal has pasted his picture along with his mother's on Twitteer. Masryam has more than 200,000 fans while Bilawal has more han 100,000 followers on Twitter. However, Bilawal remain more active during the current yerar. The most popular Tweet of Maryam was that of May 2013 when she had prayed for the health and recovery of Imran Khan that was retweeted 188 times. Bilawal's most popular Tweet was retweeted 444 times. In which he had tweeted, "Dear Burger! sorry, we have to block Skype, Viber and Wh'sup for three months to catch the terrorists and send SMSs." Some people ask whether politicians use their Twitter accounts themselves, when maryam was asked she did not reply. While bilawal said he is not using Twitter like othedr politicians.

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