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Monday, December 2, 2013

Using Kalonji (Nigella sativa, black onion) Is The Cure Of All Wordly Diseaes Except Death--- Hadith Mubarak (PBUH)

Islam- A truth for universe, Quran Hakeem-- A light for humanity bestowed by Allah the Almight. Hadith (Sayings of our Prophet Muhammsad Mustafa Ahmad e Mujtaba PBUH)-- guidelines for human beings to live peacefully and healthy in the world. Alloh o Akbar -- HE Is Great. Our Quran, an enlightened book had given millions of facts and invited human being to search and seek the truth. Our Prophet (PBUH) has given not only to Muslims but to whole the humans in the world His sayings in the form of Hadiths to help the humanity and Modern science is proving the facts bestowede by Allah in Quran, throgh reaserch and their findings are proving the Truth given by Allah and His Last Prophet (PBUH) 1500 years ago. One saying of Our Prophet (PBUH) is " Kalonji (Nigella sativa) is the treatment for all the diseases in the world except death". Regretful thing is that Muslims are not searching the facts but non-Muslims have accepted Allah's invitation and are finding the truth . However, it is good too because Muslims alresady belive and Trust Allah and Non-Muslims will find the facts throgh reserch and study. The latest study has proved that the truth of sayings of our Prophet(PBUH) that kalonji is cure of all the diseases. The findings of scientists have revealed that seeds of Nigella sativa are highly effective in the treatment of HIV/AIDS, canceer, leukemia, diabetes, blood pressure, and hyper cholestrol emia. According to study carried out in Florida (USA), using the seeds of Negella sativa are useful to neutralize the affects of camotherapy in cancer treatment in addition to being afective for cancer and leokemia. Its use increases the the activity of immune system in the patients of any disease. the mixed compound of Jinko, Biloya, Jinsing, and Nigella the performance of immune system in AIDs patients increases manifold. It is the most cheapest herbal medicine (drug) in the world. Itcan be used in the form of oil or in finely grinded form. It is worth mentioning here that Me (the bloggeer) has been been using the seeds of Nigella sative for the last 15 years regulasrly in whole seed form and never even suffer from headache except common flu or cold. Now the names of Kalonji in different languages. It is Nigella sativa (botanically), it is blsack caraway in English, it is blsack onion seed, it is Ketsah in Hebrew, it is black cumin, blacl corriander, it is Samal fennel, it is Kalonji or mangraile in Hindi and Gujrati, it is magrell in Bengali, and it is tallos del hinojo loc nom n in Spanish, it is neuz moscada in Spanish too.

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