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Sunday, December 15, 2013

Israeli Parliament---- The Center of Conspiracies

In the world Muslims usually are the targets of destruction and enemity by enemies who want to vanish this true religion from the surface of the esrth. Among them is Israel, the illicit child country of the non-Muslims., especially that of the USA. The Israeli, parliament, the Knesset is the center of nefarious conspiracies against Muslims. The notorious parliament for Muslim enemity Knesset, is located in the Jeruselam area of Jivet Ram that approves all kinds of legislations. This parliament is authorised to elect president and prime minister and also can dismiss president, government and empowered to dissolve parliament. Prime minister is authorised to dissolve parliament but the members are active till the elections and new parliament is formed. The moniteering of state affairs is also the responsibility of the parliament. Which itconsiders its great acheivement coloring in the enemity of Muslims. Though the Knesset consists of 120 members but these people create new ways and means of brutalities and enemeties against the Muslim World, especially on Palestinian Muslims. The parliament tenure is for four years and the Knesset's laws are such that no party solely can form the government. Therefore, no party could won 61 seats till today to form its givernment independently. The alliance of different parties formed in 1969 could won only 56 seats. Till today each Israeli parliament is composed of two or three-party alliance. Israeli political parties include Likude, labour, shinui, shas, maddal, yesh-atid, jewish home, united tora judaism, united arab list, hadash, qadima, am shalem, ale yarok the green's and the youth and several other regional and smaller parties.

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