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Friday, December 13, 2013

Thai Political Crisis Continues-- PM's Secretriate Gas And Water Connections Have Been Diconnected

Inspite of announcement of before time elections by PM Shina Watra, political crisis in Thailand could not subside and thiusands of protestors are still on the Bangkok roads. Lat day propesters entered prime minister house but after chanting slogans against government got out of compound. But they disconncted the connections of water and gas of the PM secretriate as well as of other government offices. Meanwhile, the army and police leadership has avoided to meet the leasder of opposition Sothap Thao Gasoban. He sought the support of army and police to occupy power, but he failed to do so. On otherr side prime minister Yong Look Snina Watra visited her election constituency wjher she was warly received, and she mixed up with the people.

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