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Monday, December 9, 2013

Pakistan Born British Woman Trapped Men Trough Matrimonial Website

Bradford court in England has started hearing of a chatting case against Pakistani British woman Sidra, 33, and her husband Raja Haidar for trapping men searching for brides on matrimonial site Sidra's husband was also involved in her crimes for taking gifts and cash money from the marriage candidats. She has posted her profile on matrimonial site showing her as a divorced and victimozed woman and a mother of a child who was in search of true love as she was living in a miserable life and wanted true loving life partner. In this manner she trapped seven Asian men and got 35, 000 pounds as marriage expenses because her condition for "marriage" was to bear the expenses by the candidate. Her husband used to be prrsent at the time she met the cadidates and he posed himself brothet-in-law of Sidra. She and her taxi driver husband accepted the allegations and on on the condition of depositing passports they were granted bail. Their sentence will be announceed next month.

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