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Monday, December 30, 2013

Story Behind Veena Malik's Quick Dubai Marriage

Veena Malik huriedly got married to compatriot singer/model and businessman Asaad Bashir Khattak in Dubai. Due to her mother's poor health Veena's nikah was rushed soon after the newlyweds threw a private reception. News abouther impending wedding was doing tye roundsbut who takes veena seriously? So after several years of hoax and publicly stunts about finding her match, the starlet signed the Nikahnama (court wedding in Dubai). Now the twist in the story involves Veena's Mumbai based manager Prashant Pradap Singh. On Satureday evening Prashant singh has registeree a case of fraud against the model after he got the news of her marriage throgh the media. The manager has also claimed that he was Veena Malik's boyfriend and both were living in together for two years. As per Prashant the actress cheated him by live-in- relationship for long two years and suddenly married to a Dubai-based businessman without even informing him.
He claimed that Veena had threatened tpo press molestation and rape charges against him if he does not take the complaint back.Veena laughed off the allegations laid against her .She said in an interview to Geo News , " Prashant is an ex-employee of mine, he used to work for me. Many rumours will surface now, people will talk about my past." (But she did not said which was too dark).

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