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Wednesday, December 18, 2013

We Are Ready To Face Any Military Operation But Not Ready To Hold Talks With Govt:---TTP

After a few hours of the government's announcement to prefer holding talks with Taliban than any other 'option', Taliban have totally rejected the dialogue with government. the new chief of banned Tehreek e Taliban Pakistan Mullah Fazal ul Allah has said that the talks with government are meaningless. He once ahgain hreatened to remove the present government and struggle for implementing Sha'ariah system in the country. According to Reuters, the spokesperson of Tehreek e Taliban Shahd Ullah Shahis said, " the present government is also the puppet of the USA, hungry for dollars and weaker like all the previous governments." He said we know government planning internally for military operation, but we are ready to meet any challenge. We have been facing the operations in the past and we are ready to face now and waiting for the operation.

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