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Friday, December 13, 2013

Is Common Man Awared Negatively Or Positively Or Politically Exploited By Pakistani Politicians?

Some people say the founder of Pakistan People's Party, the late Zulfiqar Ali Bhutto gave awareness of their rights to the people of Pakistan when he launched his movement against late Field Martial Muhammad Ayub Khan. The protest against former president Muhammad Ayub Khan Khan by Late Bhutto in Dera Ismail Khan (KPK) in late 60's was dispersed by police aerial firing and tear gas shelling. There Bhutto shouted and asked the people how the sugar was being sold per kilo? People answered two and a half rupee per kilo and bhutto said so expensive this government must go and the people were outraged and chanted slogans against government and police had to control the mob and first shooting by police during Bhutto's movement took place in Dera Ismail Khan, a person was killed others several were injured. That is the aim of politicains to shine their politics on the cost of lives of poor people of Pakistan. Do you know who were standing on right and left side of Bhutto when he was addrssing the people in D I Khan? On his right side was standing shoulder to shoulder Haq Nawaz Gandapur (the late) and to left shoulder was Shaista Khan Baloch. Haq Nawaz Gandapur died it is said by lightening near Yarik, a village 30 kilometers toward north of Di Khan and Shasita Khan Baloch seemed nowherre in PPP's politics after Naseer Ullah Babir's era, when he was elected member to then NWFP assembly. After ward protests extended to nearly every big city of Pakistan and the most gentle president of Pakistan Ayub Khan resigned. It is said that he loved his grandsons very much and when he entered home his little grandsons were shouting "Ayub Kutta" (Ayub Dog) and they did not know the meaning of this slogan, he wept and left government. The prosperity and the prgress Pakistab saw during his regime never came in the lives of Pakistanis till today. The traditions of protests and procession for minor demads was introduced by late Bhutto in Pakistan. He never asked the protestors to remain peaceful. PPPians say Bhutto gave awranesss to people. This awareness showed its true coilors in the times to come. This procession awareness extended to ablazing the vehicles, shops markets, breaking the window pan of business plazas, bulbs and destroying everything of the nation in their way. Protests are held all over the world but in peaceful manners with out chanting slogans sometime with silent protests with placards in their hands. Now compare the protests of Pakistanis with the protesters of other countries. Another political party Jamaat E Islami introduced "Sit-Ins" politics. Now this sit in politics is more popular by politicians as it gives maximum trouble and creates utmost difficulties for the people, for patients and women chidren and elders. Because the sit inners sit on the main cross roads of the cities and block the roads as in Islamabad /Rsawalpindi they block Faizabad interchange and blocjk the traffic from and to Islamabad. Other traditions of political parties specially religious one they protest on any issue on Friday, the most sacrted day for Muslimss. Do not religious scholars know this day is for Ibada not putting the people in trouble. On ever Friday they block roads and hinder in the movement of people. Is it Islamic way? I ask the Religious Scholars? To put people in trouble on the most Mubarak day? Now the awareness given by a politician hass turned into a tall stronger tree giving its fruits. The owners of petrol pumps demand rise in petrol prices, If government raised the price the wagon drivers will start strike and put people in trouble for raising their fares ans will stop wagons plying on the roads. If a truck driver or wagon driver kills a person on road due to rash and careless driving and poice sarrst the culprit, the truck drivers and wagon drivers go on strike and block the transportation of people and goods and they also hold sit ins. Even if a wagon driver is challaned on violation of traffic rule all the wagon drivers are out to the streets and roads protesting against the police and want the liberty to kill people on rioads to violate the traffic lawas and do whsatever they lioke on the roads thar they consider their property. Dur to their rash driving people are killed and injured on roads. What kind og awareness the first politician gave to peope of Pakistan.

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