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Wednesday, December 4, 2013

Heidi Montag Flaunts Bikini Bod After Surgey

Downsizing never looked so good! Former reality star and attention lover Heidi Montag seems to be loving her new breasts after they were reduced from F to C cups in a talked-about October 2013 procedure. The famed Hills alum showed off her slightly smaller assets in three different bikinis on the beach in Los Angeles on Dec 01.
The blonde bombshell, 27, opened up her decision in Us Weekly's Nov 18 issue to undergo the procedure. Before the surgery, her implants which she said weighed three pounds each were causing back and neck problems. " I could not conceptualize the weight of them in my body" She told Us. " They felt like bowling balls on my chest. I felt inappropriate. Guys would stare at me really creepily and felt that they had the right to because I had such big boobs." Before undergoing the procedure, Montag's doctor gave the star a scary prognosis.
"He told me they were falling through the belly bottom, and I got scard" sh revealed to Us. "It is dangerous, They can fall to your belly bottun>" Interstingly enough, Montag went to the same doctor as a-Lister Angelina Jolie to get the procedure done. Jolie had a highly-publicised prventive double mastectomy in February to reduce the risk of cancer. And apparently the doctor does good work because Montag could not be happier with her new figure. "I am the new, new, new Heidi" she gushed to Us.

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