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Monday, December 2, 2013

Bloody Clashes Between Protesters And Security Forces In Thailand

Thousands of government opposed protesters extending " public insurgency" tried to occupy government office in Bangkok, capital of Thailand. During the clashes with security forces six people were killed while 54 others were injured. Meanwhile, protesters succeeded in occupying a broacasting station. The protesters tried to attack the National Police Headquater at the time when prime minister Shina Vitra was present there, she fled the scene to save her life. The protesters are protesting for the last one week against the government of Shina Vitra. Thai opposition is protesting against the powers in hands of Shina Vitra's family during the last decade. The announcement of strike was done by vice prime minister Sothap Tha Gaso Ben through Tv that was telecast by all the broadcasting stastions. On other hand government has deployed army for the security of government offices.

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