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Monday, December 9, 2013

What Is Te Real Story Behind The Dismissal Of NADRA's Chairman

The story starts when Tariq Malik was not allowed by Interior Minister to give briefing to the representatives of 180 countries who were much influenced by the performance of NADRA inspite of Pakistani representative in The Civil Aviation Organisation of United Nations, request. Interior ministry refused due to expenses of his visit to UN. Another event is more astonishing when Tariq Malik was not allowed to visit Sri Lanka where NADRA had won $ six billion contract after a lenthy battle in the Sri Lankan court against India, who was was wrongly alloted the contract. Sri Lanka invited Tariq Malik to sign on the contract and give oits bid for another $ 30 billion contract but again he was not allowed to travel to Sri Lanka and Pakistan met a loss of billions of dollars contract. Tariq Malik was called through phone at night to come to Lahore. He knew what would he face there. The election of May were proved to be suspicious through scietific inquiry and verification of thumb impressions by NADRA. The results showed casting of 14 to 42 votes by one thumb impression. He also knew that if the process of verifications of thumb impression continued then Speaker as well as one minister's seat will be in danger. In Lahore he was ordered by three big guns that he should refuse to election tribunal for the verification of impression by NADRA or he should leave the results aw they are now at their place. If he can not do the above two tasks then he must resign and other man will do his job that he denies. However, Tariq Malik maintained his statrus and morale like Iftekhar Muhammad Chaudhry and returned back to Islamabad. Islamabad received a call from Lahore about the denial of Tariq Malikie and after opening offices specially for typing dismissal summsry of dismissal of Tariq Malik at 1 am in te morning. However, he was reinstated by Lahore high court with two hours.

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