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Wednesday, December 18, 2013

US_India Diplomatic Relations Got Tense, India Demands Unconditional Apology

The tension between the USA and India increased on the arrest of Indian diplomate Deevyani Khobra Garay, who is alleged to submit false documents of his servant for getting him US visa. Indian government has cancelled the airport security passes of American diplomates and stopped clearing the luggage of American embassy. Indian government has also asked all the American diplomates in India for submitting details of identity documents and family members. The facilities and concessions given to Us diplomsates and their family members in india are being withdrawn. The police officials deployed for security otside the gates of embassies have been removed. Indian foreign minister Salman Khurshid had termed American attitude as unacceptable. Due to this reason vice chairman of Congress Rahul Gandhi and interior minister Sasheel Kumar Shanday have refused to meet the Us congress members. The candidate for premiership BJP leader Trendar Modi has tweeted not to meet the the Us congress members. Government has decided to minimize the number of American diplomates in India and will make it at par to that of India in the USA. Why India is making so much hue and cry when its diplomate presented fake documents and lied for getting visa to his servant. USa is right to punish the diplomate under its laws why American law was violated?

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