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Sunday, December 15, 2013

Great Pilots To Fly With---PIA Pilots Refused To Fly Without Getting Favorite Breakfast

PIA flight enroute to New York from Lahore was delayed hours and hours on the airport as pilot and co-pilot did not get hot snacks in he breakfast. The poor 250 passengers who had come earlier for checking in had to wait aboard the plane for hours long. According to sources the flight No PK 711 had to take off for New York at 6 11 AM but the pilot Sohail Baloch and Assistant pilot Naushad Ali refused to take off till they get hot snacks in the breakfast. PIA administration had to sent special car to bring the favorite breakfast of the pilots from a local hotel. It is noteworthy that international passengers had to reach airport 4 hours before the flight time for checking in. So the passengers reached airport at 2 AM and they had to to wait for 7 hours more to leave for destination. Reasons like this are causing the degradation defamation of once the best airline of the world. It is better to privatize it. Because it is in huge loss.

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