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Monday, December 9, 2013

Farewell Nelson Mandela! You Inspired Millions Of People Around The Globe

At the the age of 95, Nelson Mandela left a world that will celebrate the special life of an icon who inspired millins of people around the globe. Speaking about death one time, Mandela said he would be joining his "ancestrers". "Men come and men go. I have come and I will go when my time comes," he once dsaid. He died on December 5, 2013. Whole of the world is sad on his death. The was his character that left the world in shock and sadness. South Africans are the luckiest nation in the world who had got a great leader in the form of Mandela. The greatness of great Mandela can be judged from the preliminary days of his power. A huge challenge before Mandela was English beurucracy who ruled South Africa for 345 years. They had established such a oofice system that could be run only by them They were talented, intelligent, honest, educated and skillful, of course compasred to locals who had neither skills, nor education and understanding to run the country's system. Locals had been fighting with the foreigners for three centuries, but the patriot and intelligent mandela rigtfull thought if the powers are suddenly handed over to locals they would not be able to own it and thus country will be destroyed, and he wanted to make South Africa a progressly developed country, therefore, he decided to reinstate the Whites on all their existing posts and jobs. How much a difficult decision this woould have been for a leader who passed 27 years of his precious life in jail including six years of isolation in a cell in jail, who passed his 27 years in jailed in crushing stones, tolerating atrocities and brutalities of brutal masters, but a leader like mandela only thought for the nation not for his ownself. When Nelson Mandela became president, he had two options, first to take revenge from the ruler by confiscating their properties, killing them, allwing locals to molest their women, and distributing the jobs held by rulers among Africans, but Madela knew by adopting this option he can quench thirst of revenge but nation will be destroyed, the second option he had was to open his heart and forgive all the whites rulers and make the systen run as usual. He accepted the second option and he called all his security staff and protol department staff consisting of whites and ordered them to continue their jobs and said his security was the responsibility of his previous white staff. his this order where astonished whites his own black aides also remained stunned. Mandela was the person who had broken three and half centuries ego of Whites, who hated him and he was giving his security to them. His second order was to reinstate all the whites from working as office secretary to principal secretary of his presidential office. His third order was to make the white beauracracy to continue their servicers. Mandela's orders not only astonished blacks and whites but also astonished the world at large. He won the hearts of whites and they got into serving blacks whole heartedly. The Rugby team od South Africa was World Champion and cosnsited all the white players. After independence they started moving to America and Europe, Mandela invited the captain of the team Francis Pinar on tea, made cup of tea for him presented tea like an humble host not like a president and requested him to leave South Africa and to organise his team again so that the country should once again win world championship of 1995. After a long discussion Francis agreed and he callede back his team members. They wre sent to play in different cities of the country. At first the black hatee them but gradually they watch the games with intertest that lowered their hatred and the white team members became their heroes. The team also played with zeal and ambitions and won trphy on June 24, 1995. The trophy and the pictures of Rugby team in Mandela's hands astonished the world. After that Cricket Wotld Cup 2003, and FIFA World cup 2010 was hostede by South Africa. And thus within few years South Africa prooved itself a civilized, cultured, and sports friendly country under the able leadership of Nelson Mandela. Nelson mandela struggled for independence for 40 years, he passed his 27 years of life in jail out of these 40 years. This was the longest political prison in the world. He became president in 1994. The people of Africa worshiped him like 'God". He lived in the hearts of his whole nation from children to elderly people. He remain president for 5 years and left politics and got busy in welfare activities. He lived in a simple house. His bed was like poor peopl's. He had no property no bank balance. But he is respected worldwide. He was geart of course. He will be remembered till his nation and coming generation exists on the face of earth. People like Mandela though pass away from the world but live in the hearts of people who love them and worship them. He was not only hero for his nation but an lightening example for others.for

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