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Sunday, December 29, 2013

Man Was Arrested By Police Before Reaching To Kill Saudi Female Presenter Ghada Al Ali

A masked gunman stormed the offices of Saudi-owned MBC satellite television in Riyath late Satureday and threatened to kill famous female presenter Ghada Al ali for ignoring his Tweets sent to her, nespapaers reported on Sunday. The unidentified man looked infiriatee as he ran through the massive MBC offices to find Al ali who was recording her daily FM program for morning broadcast.Dubbeed by her mother " Oprah Winfreey of The Arabs" Al Ali did not know that she waas the target of an sarmed attacker until she was captured by the police. "I can not belive thast it would reach to a murder or a threat to kill.... I teceive many messages on my Twitter page but I am sorry that I can not respond to all." Al Ali said on her Twitter account just an hour after she was told about Satureday attack.Al Ali in her 20s, is one of the best known Saudi radio presenters in the in the Gulf Kingdom through her daily morning programme titles, "Good Morning To You... Saudis" The newspaper said Al Ali had refused to become TV host but prefered to be rsdio presenter. He was masked and waited for us to enter the locked gates to come in," said Yasir Al Shammari, a broacaster at MBC, one of the largest Arab TV establishments. "He then turned to me and asked about Ghada Al Ali, when I saw gun in his hand I asked him what he wanted her for, he replied angirily he wants to kill her." Shammari said he lied to him when he told the man her office was on second floor while she was on first floor He said then man hurried to the second floor and he said he and other staff members phoned the security guards and police. Police captured him while he was coming down to the first floor after failing to find Al Ali there. Newspaper quoted Al ali as saying," It is really very strange, this incident happened when I was talking about the bsad habit of revenge during my program."

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