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Monday, December 16, 2013

British Tax Department Has Started Investigations Against Altaf Hussain

Altaf Hussain is making British government outraged and by his wrong statements that are the results of his fearness of the investigation and cases against him. British government has taken a serious notice of his tatements in his telephonic address to the Pakistanis. In his address he had said that he will be killed by police (British government), his passport will be cancelled and he may be deported. Now British tax department has stsarted investigations against Altaf Hussain . They have opened 10-year old file sent a questionaire to Altaf Hussain asking how much did he pay tax and what were the details of his monthly expenses?. It has been known that the documents presented in his defence to the police have created trouble for him. He has been asked why did not he show the amount to the authorities , according to him, he received as contribution or subscriptions for the party. While the money more than 3,000 pounds is necessarily to be opened to the tax department. He has also been aked to provide the details of the tax paid to the tax council on his property. Authorities have also termed his sttement about his killing in England as baseless and based on lies. It means that Altaf Hussain has been entagled from all the sides. Did not he know that that he was not living in Pakistan where no rich people pay tax. European and Ameicangovernment are very strict regarding income tax rules. It is clear that his deportation at least or arrest is certain and seems visible, apparently,. With the confiscation of the monery he collected by some unknown sources.

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