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Monday, December 16, 2013

Deadly Clashes Continue Between Protesters And Police In Bangladesh

Riots, protests and clashes have been intensified sparked by the execution of top Islamic leader Mullah Abul Qadir of Jamaat e Islami, in Bangladesh. Twenty-three more peopole wre killed in the clases continued for the third day, most of them from Jamaat e Islami. According to police outraged mob ablazed 20 houses of the leaders of ruling party Awami league in the Northern area of Pangram by the protesters. They also killed one of the leaders of Awami League. The clashes between police and protesters continued in the streets and on roads. They also set on fire the government propert in different parts of the country. Meanwhile, prime minister Haseena Wajid has warned the protested that more violence will not be tolerated and crack down will be initiated. She said government knew how to control violence. Jamaat Ud Dawa Pakistan has announced country-wide protests today, against the execution of Mullah Abdul Qadir. He demanded from the Pakistani government to protest internationally against the hanging over of Martyre Mullah Abdul Qadir. By the execution of Bengalis faithful to Pakistan during 70's by Bangladeshi government on the directions of India will deepen gulf of difference between Pakistan and Bangladesh and will cause rising hatred between the peole of two countries. It means that Bangladesh wants to cut off the brotherly relations between the copuntries.

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