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Saturday, December 14, 2013

British Police Questioned MQM Chief Altaf Hussain For Three Hours

British Investigative agencies have investigated again and questioned Altaf hussain for three hours regarding money laundering case. Investigating officials have shown non-confidence on altaf Hussain's answers and summoned him for further investigation next week. The questions were asked in the light of the statement of MQM's leader Tariq Mir, who was arested last week and was released on bail. The sources of British govenment told that Altaf Hussain was questioned about the sources of money that he had in cash and in bank accounts by Scotland Yard and other agencies. He was asked asked where did this money came from that was used to purchase propety. Altaf Hussain told the investigating agencies that these funds were contributed for the party and he also submitted some receipts and affadavits by the business men, who according to him, contributed money as subscriptions for party. Sources say that the investigating official will prepare report and will submit it to the crown prosecution branch after which the councils of the prosecution will give opinion and decision about the arrest of Altaf Hussain. Sourcs say that investigating agencies collected proofs and evidences from MQM leader Tariq Mir. Addressing the launching ceremony of his new book "Philasfa e Mohabbat" ( Philosophy of Love) through telephone, he said Scotland Yard was teasing him and his passport may be cancelled or he may be killed or deported from England by the agencies ten he requested his workers to save Pakistan. He said he never down his knees to ISI or Pak establishment how can he bow to British agencies. I think Altaf has seen the writing on the wall about his fate. He is sure of his sentence and just blaming British agencies to show the world his innocency.

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