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Thursday, December 26, 2013

Election Commission Revealed The Asset Declaration Of Parliamentarians

Election commission has issued the details of assets of parliamentarians on its website. Nawasz Sharif is the wealthies parliamentarian with one billion and 820 million rupee properties including land, factories jewellary and national and international accounts. While Jamshed Dasti has no property. Imran Khan has lans, plots and vehicles worth 50.935 million rupees. Maulana Fazal Rahman has 7.38 million rupees, Ghulam Ahmad Bilour has 30.75 million, Khurshid Shah 20 .75 million, chief minister Shahbaz sharif is the riches CM with 420.million, CM KPK Parvez Khattak has 230.0 million, CM Baluchistan Dr Abdul Mali has 40.0 million, CM Sind Qaem Ali Shah has 10 million of assets. Look at the details how much rich our parliamentarians are. While coomon man is suffering from hunger price hike and many other life problems.

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