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Thursday, December 12, 2013

I Hate Speaking English And Like Urdu----Meera

Actress Meera has said her issues with captain Naveed have been resolved and they are best friends now, but she does not not intend to marry him. While reaching back home from foreign trip on allama Iqbal Airport accompanied by captain Naved she said they have mmarried to hospital and objective of their lives is to complete hospital. She asked the media to leave her alnoe. She said she does not follow Reema but follows Imran Khan. Meera said she does not like to speak English but her favorite language was Urdu. Poor Meera tried several times to speak English but she can not speak fluent and good English, therefore, she hates English now. It is said grapes are sour. How an illiteraste Meera can speak English. However, she mixes more than half of the words of English while speaking Urdu.

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