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Tuesday, December 31, 2013

Indian Diplomate In US Is Actually RAW Agent

Bengali media has disclosed that Indian diplomate in US Deevjani Khobra is the actually RAW Agent. She wasplanning to attack Pakistani and Iranian embassies in the USA. This case is axactly the same of that of Ramond Davis in Pakistan. Who killed twp Pakistanis in Lahore was actually CIA agent. He was not even diplomate. But USA got him released and he was taken safely to the USA. However, he was the agent of superpower who carried out his killing 'hobbies' in slave country where a commn man is a game for any American, the masters. But, now the friend of the USA is its grip and let it be seen how India can get her released. At the first step she was stripped and physically searched for anything 'unwanted' and is being treated as a criminal that is a nice way to deal with India who wants to carry out its terrorists activities where doesit want. Now it had selected the field of USA city and an attractive female disguised as a diplomate. India was sure USA will ignore her illegal activities but at least USA did a nice job and must take it to its logical conclusion.

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